A few days at Lago di Garda

Ready to leave this beautiful spot tomorrow–a four hour drive back to the city. Great people watching here. The guests are the usual assortment of Brits and Germans with a few Italians added for spice. Fuddy duddy might well describe the clientele although on my watch, there were some interesting groups.

I love the decadence of the place. It reeks of a time past filled with faded grandeur. There is a photo in one of the hallways taken during the late 1800’s with glamorous ladies enjoying the lakeside. I don’t think much has changed. The setting is magnificent with all rooms facing the lake and steps and ladders descending into the lake from the riva for swimming. I dipped in one day, but it was too cold for much of a swim. Just laid back, enjoyed the breeze, napped, and ate lovely meals. Just what a holiday should be!

Ferries arrive at the dock nearby regularly transporting folks to and from the various destinations along the shores. Sirmione is nearby with its roman history and the maitre d’ in the bar told me that a Chinese couple recently had their wedding in the gothic ruins on the island in the middle of the lake with the reception at the hotel. Romantic place. Easy to understand why D’Annunzio favored this location and chose to build his monumental tomb here.

Below: view from the room
The amazing bougainvillea
Looking toward the isla di Garda in the center of the lake
Her nibs






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